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Citrix Lync VDI är nu testad och certifierad /certified for Lync 2013

This is with the Lync VDI plugin allowing full audio and video while using VDI.
Citrix VDI plugin is now certified for Lync 2013 and it works good on PC and on thin clients which has at least 4 GB free memory.

XenDesktop 7, XenApp 6.x and Citrix Receiver 4.0 Support for Microsoft Lync 2013 VDI Plug-in

Deploying the Lync VDI Plugin

Citrix har nu fått sin plugin certifierad för Lync och den fungerar bra på PC samt på tunna klienter med mycket minne.

Hör av dig om du vill testa


Lync – Increase Internal Certificate Validity Period

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Script to find current Cumulative Updates on Lync servers in a deployment

A good script to find current Cumulative Updates on Lync servers in your Lync solution

adhesive_bandage-512Recently I posted a blogpost on Finding the correct patch version of a Lync server. After writing the blogpost I realized that it would be very cool to automate this using PowerShell. The result is Get-CsInstalledLyncVersion.ps1 which is available to TechNet Gallery. This is a great tool to do an initial assesment of a Lync deployment where you get a good overview of installed servers and their current patch level.

Get-InstalledLyncVersion.ps1 script to check patch level on all Lync servers in an environment

  • .Notes
    • This script works for Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013
    • Run Lync Management Shell in Administrative mode
    • Use the Function Get-RemoteProgram by Jaap Brasser, modified by MVP Jan Egil Ring
    • If you can not connect to a server make sure Remote Registry Service is running on the machine you are unable to reach
      • Port 139 and 445 needs to be open on the server you are…

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