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Script: Connect to Office 365 PowerShell modalities at once by using Credential Manager for authentication

very good initiative from Gut Bachar

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Recently I’ve found myself connecting to a lot of my customers online environments and even mine by using PowerShell with the annoying habit of searching Google/Bing for the following phrases:

  • Connect to Exchange online using PowerShell
  • Connect to Lync online using PowerShell
  • Connect to Office 365 using PowerShell

Though it’s relatively not a complicated task to do or remember, it’s still a 3-steps process that also includes providing credentials every time for every modality.

In order to solve this extremely awful situation Smile, I’ve decided to write a script which allows the following major options:

  • Being able to use an existing credential out of the credential manager instead of typing the credential every time.
  • Being able to connect to all modalities at once instead of doing it one at a time by just specifying the required parameters.
  • Being able to connect to Exchange online by using IE Proxy settings for…

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Event ID: 14507 Source: LS Protocol Stack

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via Event ID: 14507 Source: LS Protocol Stack.

Skype for Business client – force address book download

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