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Managing Private Numbers in Skype for Business Server 2015

y0av. With a zero.

Private numbers are a great thing. They can be used as various scenarios where a person needs a direct private line that’s not published in the contact card and isn’t displayed when you dial out. This is not to be mistaken for Response Groups Agent Anonymity, where agents can call on behalf of themselves or on behalf of the Response Group’s number.

Incoming Private Call notification

What’s the difference?
Well, first, you can only manage Private Lines via PowerShell. Use the Set-CsUser -PrivateLine cmdlet to assign a user with a private line. When you’ll run the Get-CsUser cmdlet against that user you’ll get everything… Except for the user’s private number. We must use the explicit Get-CsUser sip:user@sipdomain.com | fl -PrivateLine cmdlet to get the user’s private number:

PS C:Windowssystem32> get-csuser yoav.barzilay@y0av.local | fl

Identity : CN=Yoav Barzilay,OU=Users,DC=y0av,DC=local
VoicePolicy : Non Restricted
VoiceRoutingPolicy :
ConferencingPolicy : Allowed
PresencePolicy :
DialPlan :
LocationPolicy :

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