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Skype for Business Server – Assign User policies to AD groups

A good AD tool to change Lync/SFB user policies based on group memberships. The script is written by Yoav Barzilay and Guy Bachar. Please look at their blogs at http://y0av.me/ and https://guybachar.wordpress.com/
Ett mycket bra AD verktyg för att ändra Lync användares policies som styr olika delar av Lyncs funktioner.
Scriptet är gjort av Yoav Barzilay och Guy Bachar. se på deras bloggar på http://y0av.me/ and https://guybachar.wordpress.com/

y0av. With a zero.

This is an update to a previous version of this tool written by myself and Guy Bachar.
The updated version can now run (and was tested!) on both Lync server 2010 and 2013, and Skype for Business Server.

Run this tool from Lync Management Shell or Skype for Business Management Shell.

Note you will need to run this tool with Local Admin permissions (You will be prompted for elevation automatically if not) and you must have ADDS RSAT installed so you can use the Active Directory PowerShell Module.
You will be asked to provide an Active Directory Group name. Type the Display Name of the group, the tool will reply with the CN of the group, confirming you chose the right group:

Choose Group

Then choose the type of policy (or dial plan) you want to assign this group, there are 14 options:
1     Voice Policy
2     Client Policy
3     External Access Policy

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