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SEFAUTIL service in a hybrid solution

SEFAUtil (secondary extension feature activation)

I installed Sefautil server and I hade problem to run the powershell commands set-csuserforwarding -sipaddress……
My server has two and
The second fact is that the solution is running in an hybrid solution with some users in Office 365 and other user on the local server.
With a hybrid solution you need to point your to the ip-address on your edge server.
If this isn’t done, your “onprem” users cannot have full dialog between onprem and online users.
My solution two get both and working great with sefautil server was to add and to my local frontend server host table with the IP-address to the local FE-server

Without this quickfix I got the error when I ran the command
Set-CsUserForwarding : The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error.  For more information…

After the host table was updated and pointing to local FE-server,
I just restarted sefautil service and Voila it worked like a dream.

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